Dhoni.Army Is On Auction On GoDaddy & The Minimum Bid Is Making People Go Crazy…

GoDaddy, has dhoni.army and msdhoni.army up for auction. These are listed as premium domain names where one can make an offer. Incidentally, Dhoni is a brand ambassador for Godaddy.

Dhoni holds the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Territorial Army unit of the Parachute Regiment (106 Para TA battalion). His passion for Indian army is well known among his fans.

You can see the godaddy page here.

What is interesting about this auction is the base bid which starts at $7777. Knowing the former Indian captain’s association with the number seven, this makes for an inviting bid.

The same goes for msdhoni.army. Dot army domain names are popular among governments, officials & celebrities as an official way of showing connection with the nation’s army. These domain names embody the solidarity reserved only for the territorial protectors of freedom.

In recent memory, another Dhoni memorabilia which was auctioned was the bat with which he hit that famous six. It was bought for a whopping $130,640 USD (approx) by R K Global Shares & Securities Ltd (India) in an auction in 2011.

Source: Hindustan Times

Nevertheless, the bidding on these domain names could turn out to be really aggressive, considering the fact that MS is, in all probability set to retire and both his fans, sponsors and well-wishers would rush to lay their claim on a piece of history that is emotionally attached to the history maker. After all, domain names unless left to expire, are a permanent entity. Imagine if you could etch your imprint on something intangible but very much real-world. Just thinking of the fact that the winner of this auction can serve any content every time dhoni.army is typed on a laptop or mobile browser would be lucrative to a lot of people.

It remains to be seen if Dhoni himself will express interest in this auction knowing his passion for the Indian Army and association with GoDaddy.

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